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reading glasses with different strength diopter power for each eye blue light blocking eyeglasses Magnification

Different Strength for Each Eye

It is a normal occurrence for most people that having a harder time reading text up close once they are over the age of 45. It is mean that they require a pair of reading glasses in their life. In addition, 50% of them need a different lens power in their reading glasses for each eye to read clearly.Gone are the days when people used to go to optician's and pay good money for the custom reading glasses.
Now, you can get reading glasses with different strength for each eye by costing only 20% of your previous budget.
How to order?
1. Please first select frame color, then the power option will become avaliable to choose. Just choose the color and power you need and add it to cart.
2. Repeat the step1 to ensure you have chosen the individual powers for both left and right eye.
3. Double check the color and power of the reading glasses for each eye in your cart.

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