How to Test Blue Light Glasses at Home

    There are thousands of blue light glasses brands and manufacturers in the market. You may have difficulty choosing which brand to get a pair of blue light glasses and also worry if they are actually blue light glasses.

How to Test Blue Light Glasses

    The most accurate instrument to test blue light blocking is a lab-grade spectrometer. It can detect the degree of anti-blue light of the lens. You can take the glasses to your eye doctor or a professional optical shop to test the blue light glasses. If you think it is troublesome, here are some tips to help you test and recognize blue light glasses at home.

    1. The lenses of blue light glasses are always yellow-tinted to absorb blue light. Therefore, when you place the glasses on a white background, you can see the lens is yellow-tinted compared to the white background. If the color of the lens is close to the white background, it means the glasses are not blue light blocking, or it only can filter about 5% to 20% blue light.

How to Test Blue Light Glasses

    2. You can also place the glasses in front of the screen or a LED light. If the surface of the lens can reflect the blue light, it blocks blue light glasses.

    3. The above methods are for the clear lens blue light glasses. If you get a pair of amber or orange-tinted blue light glasses, you can test the lens in the following way. There are two squares in the picture. One is black, and the other is dark blue. If the glasses are blue-light-blocking, both squares should be black. But if the dark blue square is still blue, the glasses cannot filter enough blue light.

How to Test Blue Light Glasses

    4. The easiest way is to wear it for several days. Blue light glasses will help decrease digital eye strain and improve sleep. If you wear the glasses for several days and find it is work, the glasses are actual blue light glasses.

    These are the easy ways to test if your glasses can filter blue light. If you cannot decide where to buy a pair of blue light glasses or blue light reading glasses, Eyekeeper is a good choice! Different series can filter different levels of blue light, and you can choose the ones that suit you best!

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