How to Keep Glasses From Slipping off Your Nose? -

How to Keep Glasses From Slipping off Your Nose?

    I believe that many people who wear glasses have the trouble of glasses slipping off their noses from time to time, especially those who are wearing reading glasses and bow their heads. Is there any way that can keep eyeglasses from slipping off the nose?

1. Buying glasses that fit your face size

    It is the most important part of keeping glasses from slipping off your nose. Properly sized glasses can largely avoid this problem. The first step is to measure the width of your face. To find the right glasses size, all we need to measure is the width of our cheekbones. Cheekbone Width is the distance between the highest points of your left and right cheekbones, the widest point of your cheeks. Once you know the width of your face, it becomes easy to buy the right size glasses for the width of your face.

    If your face width is lower than 129mm, you have a small face, and narrow glasses suit you. You can consider average reading glasses if your face width is between 129mm and 135mm. And the wide glasses are for people whose face width is over 135mm.

    If you think measuring is troublesome, choosing glasses with spring hinges is also a good idea to fit your face. The spring hinges are flexible to fit the shape of your face better and keep eyeglasses from slipping off the nose.

How to Keep Glasses From Slipping off Your Nose

2. Attaching a glasses anti-slip cover to the temple

    Installing a non-slip sleeve on the temple can prevent the glasses from slipping. After the anti-slip sleeve is installed on the temple, the anti-slip sleeve will be stuck on your ear when you lower your head. It prevents the glasses from sliding and protects the eyeglasses from being broken.

3. Adding an eyeglass chain to the temple

    The glasses chain is similar to the non-slip sleeve, but the glasses chain is on the back of the head, and the fixing effect is better. And the glasses chain also plays a decorative role, making your glasses more individual.

How to Keep Glasses From Slipping off Your Nose

4. Going to an optician for professional help

    When you have been wearing your glasses for a while and find they are loose, you can go to an optician for professional help. Adjusting frames is a very advanced skill that cannot be solved at home. The optometrists will use special tools to help you adjust your frames.

    Glasses that fit your face shape are the most significant part of preventing glasses from slipping. Eyekeeper provides different size glasses, and you are sure to find the one that suits you!

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