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Stylish Vintage Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses CG103

Stylish Vintage Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses CG103

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Magnification Strength
  • Eyekeeper's BB40 lenses - transparent lenses with filter.UV420 protection.
  • The lenses do not block blue color of online test for color filtering properties.Please check Eyekeeper's BB60,BB90 and BB98 lenses if you need block blue color and block more blue light.
  • Test via the spectrometer(the performance of blue light blocking): block 29% within 500nm, block 32% within 490nm, block 33% within 480nm, block 35% within 470nm, block 36% within 460nm, block 37% within 450nm, block 39% within 440nm, block 51% within 430nm, block 93% within 420nm, block more than 99% within 400nm-410nm.
  • Almost no color distortion.
  • Plastic Frame with spring hinge, Lens width about 2 1/16 inches(52mm), Frame width about 5 7/16 inches(138mm), Lens height about 1 3/16 inches(30mm), Frame height about 1 5/16 inches(34mm), Bridge (DBL) about 1/2 inches(13mm), Temple length about 5 7/16 inches(138mm)
*Per the Occupational Safety & Health Administration: The preferred viewing distance for VDTs ranges between 18 and 24 inches (45.72 and 60.96 centimeters, respectively)
*Filters 100% of the most damaging low-level blue and nearly 40% high energy visible light from tablets, phones, TV, computers and more.
*Our lenses code is BB40 for the Eyekeeper violet block glasses.
eyekeeper bb40 blue light blocking eyeglasses readers

Care Instructions

Please double check the color or magnification strength you choose when check out. If you forget to choose, the default option will be added to the cart which is not what you want.

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