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Classic Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses Women Men 5-UVR899

Classic Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses Women Men 5-UVR899

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Magnification Strength

How to select the correct magnification strength

Please double check the color or magnification strength you choose when check out. If you forget to choose, the default option will be added to the cart which is not what you want.

Wearing the wrong strength of reading glasses results in increased eyestrain and headaches.
It’s essential to understand how to select the proper strength for reading glasses without a prescription.

    Regular reading glasses are designed to be used for viewing materials approximately 12 inches from your eyes(like reading a book).

    Computer Glasses are used for working on the computer approximately 18-20 inches from your eyes.

    Please make sure to seclet less power (Usually 60% of the power that you use for reading) for computer glasses.It depends on your reading distance.



    Read the instructions below the chart.

    Please print out the eye chart. Make sure you print it in its real, original size. The final printed chart should be 5 inches wide (12.7cm)

    Print the eye test chart


    Most over the age of 40 will need reading glasses at some point.

    If the strength tested by yourselves is not similar to the recommended power,please have vision exams from a license eyecare professional. Our options to find your reading power are general in nature.


    Recommended Power

    40 to 45

    +0.75D to +1.00D

    45 to 50

    +1.00D to +1.50D

    50 to 55   

    +1.50D to +2.00D

    55 to 60    

    +2.00D to +2.50D

    60 to 65     

    +2.50D to +3.00D

    65 to 70   

    +3.00D to +3.50D

    Over 70 

    +3.50D to +4.00D

    At, you’ll find readers in the following magnifications:















    • The performance of blue light blocking:block 28% within 500nm,block 31% within 490nm,block 33% within 480nm,block 36% within 450nm-470nm,block 39% within 440nm,block 51% within 430nm,block 93% within 420nm,block more than 99% within 400nm-410nm.
    • The lenses do not block blue color of online test for color filtering properties.
    • 100% UV protection.
    • Almost no color distortion.
    • Transparent lenses with coating
    Blue light blocking glasses reduce eye strain, eliminate dry eyes, do not let your eyes uncomfortable ruin your daily life.
    The frame for the most comfortable fit available today in addition to unparalleled durability.


    Lens width:2 1/16" (52mm)
    Frame width: 5 7/16"(138mm)
    Lens height: 1 5/16" (34mm)
    Frame height: 1 1/2" (38mm)
    Bridge (DBL): 1/2"(13mm)
    Temple length: 5 5/16"(135mm)

    Whether you are looking for blue light glasses for the office or outdoor. BLUELESS blue light blocking glasses will give you the premium protection you are looking for.

    To avoid damage, never clean your reading glasses with paper towels or clothing or alcohol, and also avoid using household detergents or soaps. While a few mild soaps don't harm lenses, today's extra strength soaps are powerful enough to slowly disintegrate lens coatings."
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    eyekeeper glasses reading glasses brand blue light blocking eyeglasses


    Eyekeeper is the trademark of Eyekepper Global Inc, One small company based DE,US. We have a small warehouse both in US and UK, We will ship your order from oversea if we have no stock in local warehouse. Your satisfaction is our most important goal. You can ask for refund for any reason or receive an exchange.

    Eyekepper Global Inc

    Company Address:113 Barksdale Professional Center Newark DE 19711 USA

    Customer Service

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    Warehouse Location

    US Warehouse Address: 1 Maxson Drive,Old Forge,PA 18518

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    Chinese warehouse address: No.3 Fanggong Road Lucheng Wenzhou China 325000


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    See more clearly.

    More comfortable to wear.


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                    What We Believe?

    At Eyekeeper, we believe it's important to give back to society. We have an Eyekeeper Sight Plan to donate new reading glasses for those in need. It is a cause near and dear to our hearts and we hope that our donation will make a difference. Thanks for your purchase that give us more passions to continue this plan.

    ❤️ How We Give

    - Over the past years, Eyekeeper has given a plenty of readers to church, prison and so on. In April 2019, Eyekeeper have donated reading glasses, sunglasses to charity organization. Althougt we haven't been to there, we're delighted that we are able to support pople in the most meaningful way. Please contact us via if you know people who need help.

    Why We Give?

    Make the world a nicer place

    Perpetuating the cycle of giving makes the world a better, more humane place to live in.

    Giving inspires giving.

    People who have been on the receiving end of kindness to pay it forward and give to others even when they have hardly anything to give.

    Spread love to others

    Love makes the world go round. Spreading more will benefit you, those around you and the whole world.We are not only give readers, but also spread love.

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