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Reading Glasses

Which not only help you see clearly but also make you look younger.

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Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to blue light, help reduce digital eye strain and headaches after too much screen time.

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Bifocal Reading Glasses

Unmagnified lenses which also with the magnification of your choice at the bottom. No need for switching between glasses throughout the day.

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Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses

Transparent lenses in the door, it will be changed to grey color in the sunshine after 3-5 minutes.

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Bifocal Sunglasses

With UV400 protection bifocal lens set, so you can enjoy the outdoors, in full definition and protected in style.

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Customizable Reading Glasses

Two Different Strengths

Ready-made glasses for people requiring different strengths for each eye whilst reading.

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The mission of Eyekeeper - Provide latest fashion and affordable reading glasses.

The prospect of Eyekeeper - Not only help you see clearly but also make you look younger.

Company registered in 2007.

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Eyekeeper – Seeing a Fashion

Are you farsighted?Are you looking for a more youthful look? Do not let vision problems make your life hard! It’s time to switch your outdated and old-fashioned reading glasses with trendy, great looking one. Eyekeeper is aiming at helping you not only see the world at its best but also making you look fashionable with right reading glasses. If you’re still on the hunt for the stylish glasses, why not have a look at Eyekeeper reading glasses.
At Eyekeeper, we believe that everyone can define his own fashion statement while benefiting from improved eyesight. That is why we offer you the wide range of products that boast variety frame shapes, latest fashion trend features, and comfortable fit.

Enjoy the joy of eyesight benefits and stylish features

Generally speaking, most people begin having problem seeing small print sometime after age 40 and then reading glasses become a necessity in their life. Eyekeeper eyewear is a must-have accessory to accentuate your facial features and add a touch of elegance to your look. Gone are the days when it has been associated with nothing but getting old. Nowadays,we have option to wear with confidence and age gracefully.
With this in mind, we design frames and lenses of our glasses the way that will allow you to make a fashion statement. Here we’ve got style-enhancers for women, men, and even kids, so seize the opportunity to boost your appearance.
Our assortment of magnification eyeglasses includes products of many types and optical powers. Here’s what you can get:
* bifocal readers and bifocal sunglasses
* computer reading glasses and blue light blocking readers
* reading spectacles
* progressive multifocal reading glasses
* transition photochromic reading glasses

Reading Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Bifocal Readers

Bifocal Sunglasses

Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses

Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses

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Reading Glasses

What strength reading glasses do i need?
How to determine reading glasses strength/power?
How do you know what strength reading glasses to get?
How to test for reading glasses and choose readers strength?
How to choose reading glasses strength?
What magnification reading glasses do i need?
How to test reading glasses strength and pick reading glasses?

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