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What is Clip-on Sunglasses?

    Clip-on sunglasses are a kind of sunglasses that can be clipped onto ordinary eyeglasses. This design suits someone who already has worn reading glasses or nearsighted glasses. The fundamental function of clip-on sunglasses is the same as ordinary sunglasses, which can protect our eyes from UV and glare. There are also many shapes and sizes of clip-on sunglasses to fit eyeglasses well. 

Clip-on Sunglasses C61

Do clip-on sunglasses work?

    Yes, of course. As was mentioned before, the lens of clip-on sunglasses is the same as sunglasses. It provides adequate anti-glare and UV protection and eliminates reflected and scattered light for a clearer and smoother view.

What are the benefits of clip-on sunglasses?

1. Convenient: The biggest benefit of clip-on sunglasses is convenience. It is small and easy to carry. When under strong sunshine, you can clip them on your glasses, and when you do not need them, you can storage them. This way, you can always have a clear view and do not need to take off your glasses.

2. Affordable: Clip-on sunglasses are more affordable than ordinary sunglasses. You may spend a lot of money on a pair of sunglasses, but clip-on sunglasses only cost a little.

3. Comfort: Clip-on sunglasses are a comfortable choice for those who have to wear glasses all day. 

Clip-on sunglasses recommendation

    There are various styles and colors of clip-on sunglasses on Eyekeeper, which meet the needs of different people.

3 Pack Rectangle Clip-on Polarized Sunglasses C61(54MMx34MM)

4 Pack Flip-up Clip-on Sunglasses Polarized JQ3 (60MMx43MM)

3 Pack Classic Sunglasses Clip-on Polarized C62 (52MMx32MM)

    In a word, clip-on sunglasses are more suitable for people who have to wear readers or prescription glasses all day. They are easy to clip onto glasses and provide protection from UV and glare.

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