The Difference between Presbyopia and Hyperopia

    Is presbyopia the same as hyperopia? Most people think they are the same one. In fact, these two conditions are different as well as symptoms. The main difference is that presbyopia can see clearly at a far distance, hyperopia cannot see clearly either far or near.

What is presbyopia? 

    People usually get presbyopia after they are 40 years old. Presbyopia is an ordinary physiological change, and it is one of the signs of aging. The eyes' lens will gradually harden with age, resulting in a poor adjustment of light perception so that the focus of light cannot be accurately gathered on the retina. Therefore, presbyopia sees something blurry nearby and has to put things far away to see clearly. The elder can wear reading glasses to improve their near vision. They can only wear reading glasses when reading and see something up close.

The Difference between Presbyopia and Hyperopia

What is hyperopia?

    When the axial length is short, the image is behind the retina. It is called hyperopia. Most children are born with hyperopia, but their axial lengths are longer with growing up, and their eyesight becomes normal. But if the strength of hyperopia is still increasing, they won't see clearly at a short distance and far. So people who have hyperopia also have to wear glasses, but they have to wear glasses all the day.

The Difference between Presbyopia and Hyperopia

    Presbyopia is a normal phenomenon with aging, while hyperopia is an eye disaster. They also have totally different causes and results. If you find that your vision becomes blurry, please go to the hospital to take an eye examination.  

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