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Misunderstanding in the Use of Reading Glasses

    Reading glasses is one of the most important tools for people who are over 40 years old. However, some people still have some wrong opinions about reading glasses. Do you know about them?

Misunderstanding in the Use of Reading Glasses

    Misunderstanding 1: Wearing reading glasses before having an eye examination.

    Some people get reading glasses without an eye examination when they can not see clearly at a short distance. It is wrong. You should know what strength of glasses you need to wear and take suggestions from your doctor.

    Misunderstanding 2: Use a magnifying glass instead of reading glasses.

    Some elderly use magnifying glasses instead of reading glasses. The magnifying glass is equivalent to 1000-2000 degrees of reading glass. For a long time, it will "pamper" your eyes. So it is hard to find the right degree when matching reading glasses.

    Misunderstanding 3: The people who have myopia will not get presbyopia when they are old.

    It is thought by most people who are myopia. In fact, people who get nearsightedness will still be presbyopic. When they need to take off their glasses or put things at a distance to see, it is the performance of presbyopia. They may need two pairs of glasses, one is for far, and the other is for nearby.

Misunderstanding in the Use of Reading Glasses

    Misunderstanding 4: Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon without health care.

    After people reach a certain age, besides presbyopia, there are often many eye diseases such as dry eye, cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, etc., which will affect visual function. So when people get presbyopia, they should go to the hospital for a detailed examination. It is suggested that they should often look far away, do more outdoor exercise, and have a good diet which will be good for the eyes.

    Misunderstanding 5: One pair of reading glasses is enough and do not need to replace.

    As people grow older, the degree of presbyopia will also increase. Therefore, a regular eye examination is quite vital. Besides, reading glasses will wear out in daily use, so they also need to replace when they are severely worn.

    Do you have any of the above misunderstandings about reading glasses? If you have, please change your mind now. Reading glasses are easy to get, so we should wear them scientifically and reasonably.

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