Metal Frame or Plastic Frame -

Metal Frame or Plastic Frame

    When you are purchasing reading glasses, are you hesitant to choose the material of the frame? The most common frame materials are plastic and metal. If you do not know what to choose, do not worry; we will tell you all their characteristics to help you select the proper frame.

Metal Frame or Plastic Frame

Metal Frame

    The metal frame is usually made of stainless steel and titanium. What they have in common is that they are durable and not easily deformed. But stainless steel frames with painted surfaces are easy to peel off. Titanium is lighter and more durable, but due to the expensive material and the difficulty in processing, it is more expensive than a stainless steel frame. Besides titanium, memory titanium is also commonly used in glasses frames. Memory titanium is an alloy composed of titanium and copper. Why is it called memory titanium? Because this material is flexible and can return to its original shape after bending. What is more, it is not easy to deform. R1508 and R1509 on our website are made of memory titanium.

Metal Frame or Plastic Frame

Plastic Frame

    Plastic frames are in various colors and styles, so there is more to choose from. Plastic is a general term, it is also divided into many types, and different plastic materials have their characteristics. Most of the plastic frames on our website are PC or TR90. PC is the abbreviation of Polycarbonate, and its advantage is that it is affordable and impact resistant. Most plastic frame glasses on Eyekeeper are made of PC. TR90 has better toughness and elasticity, and it is also very light. For example, TH6170 and SG904 are materials of TR90. The common disadvantage of plastic materials is that they are not as durable as metal frames, and the surface paint may fall off.

Metal Frame or Plastic Frame

    To sum up, if you have high requirements for quality and little demand for style, metal frames are more in line with your needs because they are more durable than plastic frames. But if you are a fashion-conscious person who wants more good-looking and trendy styles, plastic frames are also a good choice. If you have a metal allergy, you can choose plastic frames. There are thousands of styles of reading glasses on Eyekeeper. You can find the style you are looking for, whether plastic or metal glasses frame!

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