Is it eye strain or presbyopia? -

Is it eye strain or presbyopia?

    Eye fatigue and presbyopia will cause symptoms of blurred vision and dry eyes in the early stage, so how can we figure out whether eye strain or presbyopia?

1. Presbyopia

    Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, and everyone will get presbyopia with aging. Due to different physical conditions, the time and degree of presbyopia are also various, and most people get presbyopia around the age of 40. The lens becomes stiffer and less elastic with age, and the ability of the eyes to accommodate also decreases, so we cannot focus, and our vision becomes blurry. 

Is it eye strain or presbyopia?

2. Eyestrain

    Prolonged use of the eyes at close range can make the eyes feel tired, so eyestrain usually occurs in people who use the eyes intensively at close range. Eyestrain is also related to physical state and surrounding environments, such as physical fatigue and dim lighting.

3. How to identify?


    Eyestrain occurs at all ages, whereas presbyopia only occurs in people who are over 40 years old.

Degree of blurred vision

    People with presbyopia cannot see books or mobile phones as close as they are, so they need to hold them far away to see them. However, people with eyestrain will see clearly after a period of rest.


    People with presbyopia may have eyestrain symptoms such as eye soreness, eye pain, dry eyes, tearing, headache, dizziness, and nausea. If these symptoms can be relieved by rest, it is eyestrain.

Is it eye strain or presbyopia?

    If you feel discomfort in your eyes and cannot judge whether you are presbyopia or eyestrain, please go to the hospital as soon as possible. Artificial tears can relieve symptoms if you are eyestrain. If you are presbyopia, you should have a pair of reading glasses according to your prescription. Eyekeeper offers ready-made reading glasses with high quality and affordable prices. If you are looking for reading glasses, Eyekeeper will be your good choice!

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