How to Relieve Eye Strain -

How to Relieve Eye Strain

    With the development of science and technology, people use electronic products more and more frequently, and eye strain is becoming more common. Why do we get eye strain? And how to relieve?

How to relieve eye strain?

    Why are the eyes tired?

    Two main reasons cause eye strain.

1. Refractive error

    When people suffer from myopia or hyperopia but are not corrected, it is often necessary to use the adjustment power to make the vision clearer. So the eyes are prone to fatigue.

2. Overuse of eyes

    It is one of the most common reasons. Some people spend long hours on the computer during working hours or even on the mobile phone and TV after work which can easily lead to visual fatigue.

    How to relieve eye strain?

    Now that we know the reasons for eye strain, we can settle it effortlessly.

    1. If you have a refractive error, like hyperopia, it is necessary to have an eye exam regularly and wear proper reading glasses when reading, watching TV, or doing some close-up work.

    2. Avoid overusing eyes and reduce the use of electronics. Doctors suggest a rest every 40 minutes after watching the screen. If you have to work with a screen for a long time, blue light blocking glasses are a good assistant. Blue light blocking glasses can filter most blue light from the screen so it can reduce eye strain.

How to relieve eye strain?

    3. Hot compress is a very effective way to relieve eye fatigue. In a hot compress, the local blood circulation accelerates, and the nutrients supply to the eyes is sufficient, so it is usually comfortable. In addition, when you have a hot compress, the eyes moistened with water vapor can relieve dry eyes.

How to relieve eye strain?

    4. When you concentrate on something, you blink less, and your eyes produce fewer tears, which will lead to dry eyes and visual fatigue. At this moment, artificial tears can solve this problem very well.

How to relieve eye strain?

    5. Enough sleep is also very significant. Sometimes eye strain is a signal of not having enough rest. When you get enough rest, eye fatigue will naturally disappear.

    Those are tips for relieving eye strain. You can have a try if you have this problem.

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