How to Keep Eyes Healthy -

How to Keep Eyes Healthy

    The eyes are one of the most significant organs because our vision must depend on the eyes. If the eyes are damaged, it is bound to affect our lives. Therefore, a pair of healthy eyes is significant for us. Here are some tips to keep eyes healthy.

1. Regular eye examinations

    An annual eye examination can be a great help in avoiding future eye and vision problems. If you already suffer from refractive errors, such as presbyopia, regular eye exams can help you know if your vision has changed and adjust your glasses accordingly.

How to Keep Eyes Healthy

2. Physical exercise

    Physical exercise can promote blood circulation and metabolism, provide more nutrients and oxygen to the eyes, and improve their vision of the eyes. In addition, exercising can also help the ciliary muscle relaxes, and the eyes can also get active rest.

How to Keep Eyes Healthy

3. Wearing proper glasses

    If you have presbyopia, the degree of presbyopia increases with age. So having a regular eye examination and changing reading glasses are crucial. Besides, we can wear different glasses in different scenarios. For example, when you have to watch the screen for a long time, blue light blocking glasses are good assistants. And sunglasses can block most UV damage to the eyes.

4. Eating foods that protect your eyes

    Foods rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene are the best foods to satisfy the nutrients of vitamins and minerals that protect our eyes. Carrots, nuts, green leafy vegetables, salmon, lean protein, sweet potatoes, and beans are recommended foods. Enough water is also significant. Water can help you stay well hydrated, especially if your eyes are dry and bloodshot.

How to Keep Eyes Healthy

5. Rest your eyes

    When you focus on work or study for a long time, your eyes are prone to fatigue. It is suggested to take a ten-minute break every hour. If you are too busy to relax, blinking is also a way to relax your eyes.

    Eyes help us see the wonderful world, so we should protect them well. Eyekeeper hopes everyone has good sight.

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