How to Get Used to Progressive Reading Glasses -

How to Get Used to Progressive Reading Glasses

    Progressive reading glasses avoid the trouble of putting on and taking off, making people's lives more convenient. However, if you are new to wearing progressive reading glasses, you may experience slight dizziness, a wobbly walk, and a change in your sense of distance and depth of objects. In other words, you may not feel the same as when you are not wearing glasses or wearing their original glasses. Here are some suggestions to get used to progressive reading glasses.

How to Get Used to Progressive Reading Glasses

    Adapting to new progressive reading glasses is a gradual process. First-time wearers of progressive multifocal may need one to two months to readjust to this spatial sensation. Therefore, when wearing progressive multifocal glasses at the initial stage, the principle to be followed: first stay still and then move, first indoor and then outdoor adaptation process.

    When viewing objects with multifocal glasses, the field of view is not as wide as with mono-focal glasses, so you need to learn to use your head to move up and down to see objects. It is best to adapt to the glasses in a static state and do something that does not need to move, such as reading, watching TV, etc. We recommend getting used to the far range first. Look straight ahead with both eyes, don't look to the side. So you can watch TV indoors first. Then adapt to looking closer. When looking closely, such as reading a newspaper and a book, lower your head, and the eyes go down to the newspaper, aligning the tip of the nose with the one you are looking at. Finally, adapt to the middle range of vision, like looking at the computer with both eyes flat and slowly looking down through the middle transition zone.

How to Get Used to Progressive Reading Glasses

    Once you have got used to the multifocal glasses while stationary indoors, you can try using them on the move. When walking outdoors, choose a flat surface, and look one meter away, do not look down near your feet. Be cautious when going downstairs, and bring your glasses lower to try to look out from the distant use area above. After you have fully adapted to the progressive glasses, we still do not recommend wearing glasses during strenuous exercise.

    Last but not least, progressive lenses require a certain degree of adjustment of the eyes, so please do not wear them if you feel unwell or have symptoms of dizziness.

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