How to Clean Your Glasses-The Do's and Don'ts

The cleanniess of the lenses of your reading glasses affect your vision.

However,if you clean your lenses too much, or too often, you run the risk of scratching your lens.

Here are some Tips of Do's and Don'ts for your reference.

Do's ✔

  • Clean your glasses every morning.Daily cleaning makes your eyewear easier to maintain and extend their lifespan.
  • Please use microfibre cleaning cloths to clean glasses. Just make sure you wash your microfibre cloths frequently. When doing so, do not use fabric softener.
  • Apply a small drop of neutral hand soap to each lens and rinse it under a light stream of lukewarm tap water if microfibre cleaning cloths can't clean it throughtly.
  • Store your glasses carefully. Store it in their case or cloth bag to prevent them from getting dusty or having anything spilled on them.


Don'ts ❌


  • Don't clean your glasses too much,too often.
  • Don't use your shirt tail to clean glasses.The tiny fibres in the fabric can scratch your lenses.
  • Don't use paper towels, tissues or toilet paper to clean glasses.The wood pulp can leave them full of lint.
  • Don't use household detergents or soaps to clean glasses.Today's extra strength soaps are powerful enough to slowly disintegrate lens coatings.


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