How Often Do I Need to Change Reading Glasses

    How often do you change your reading glasses? Do you not change your reading glasses until your prescription goes up? Do you not change your reading glasses if they are not broken? If you are not like that, congratulations, you are right! Reading glasses also have a shelf life. So when do we need to change reading glasses?

  1. Frame Deformation

    The frame will gradually become loose as we take it off and put it on repeatedly. And most people are used to taking off the glasses with one hand, which will cause uneven force on the frame and easily cause the frame of glasses to deform. Do you think the deformation of the glasses frame only affects the appearance? The deformation of the glasses frame will also cause the horizontal deviation of the optical center of the lens, which will increase the burden on the adjustment function of the eyeball.

How Often Do I Need to Change Reading Glasses

    If you find the frame is easy to slide, deform, skew or not fit, you need to change to new glasses in time. Otherwise, it may cause dizziness and blurred vision and lead to a deepening of magnification in the long term.

  1. Lens Wear and Tear

    The lens is inevitable to encounter the situation bumping and falling in daily use. Especially for the careless owner, the daily loss of the lens will easily cause scratches and wear on the lens. When there are many scratches on the lens, it will affect the optical correction performance. In addition, the lens will also change with the use cycle, environment and temperature. It is known as the natural aging of the lens, and the clear lens begins to yellow and not clear enough.

How Often Do I Need to Change Reading Glasses

    Glasses that are severely worn and aged need to change in time. Wearing worn and torn reading glasses for a long time may cause symptoms of visual fatigue and may even lead to a deepening of the degree.

    To sum up, when your glasses frame begins to deform, or your glasses lens is worn, it’s time to change to a pair of new reading glasses. The old glasses will not only make your eyes tired but your eyesight worse. Hurry up to check if you need a new pair of glasses!

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