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Half-rim or Full-rim Glasses?

    Are you hesitant about which frame to choose when choosing reading glasses? Half-rim or full-rim, or rimless? Maybe it is hard to decide. We will introduce the difference to help you decide for this blog.

What is full-rim?

    The frame of full-rim glasses is all around the lenses. There are more options for full-rim glasses. They come in a variety of shapes, and the material of the frame is not limited, which can be plastic and metal. You can find most of the style in full-rim glasses. Besides, full-rim glasses are firm and are not easily damaged. The disadvantage of full-rimmed glasses is that they are heavier. And if you wear narrow full-rim glasses, it will affect the view of the surrounding area.


What is half-rim?

    Half-rim glasses don’t feature a full rim around the lenses. There are only half-framed on the top or bottom of the lenses with only half of the frame, so it reduces weight. They are lighter in weight compared to full-rim glasses, so they suit people who are sensitive to weight and always moving.

Half-rim or Full-rim Glasses?

What is semi-rim?

    Semi-rim glasses are full-rimmed, which look like half a frame, with the rimless half appearing to be surrounded by metal. Such as R9114 on our website. The top half of the frame is plastic, and the bottom half is metal. These glasses combine the robustness of full-rim glasses with the wide field of vision of half-rim glasses.

Full-rim or Half-rim Glasses

What is rimless?

    Rimless glasses are only with nose pads and temples. Therefore, it is so light that you can barely feel the weight on your face. If you think wearing glasses is uncomfortable due to the weight, rimless glasses are a perfect choice. And the view will be wide because the rimless glasses are not covered by the around frames.

Full-rim or Half-rim Glasses?

    If you want sturdy and durable glasses, go for full-rim because a full wrap-around rim will protect lenses well. If you are wearing glasses for the first time and are not used to wearing glasses, we recommend you use half-rim or rimless glasses. Eyekeeper provides all kinds of reading glasses. You can find any you like here.

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