Does Reading Glasses Damage Your Eyes? -

Does Reading Glasses Damage Your Eyes?

    As we all know, reading glasses are the second pair of eyes for the senior. Wearing your glasses makes your eyes dependent on them, and when you take off your glasses, your vision seems worse. Therefore, someone also worries about if reading glasses damage our eyes? If you wear proper magnification reading glasses, the answer is definitely no.

    Nothing about wearing glasses changes the shape of your eyeball. It does not alter the muscles of accommodation which are your focusing muscles. It does not train them in a certain way so that they do not need to work as hard when you stop wearing the glasses. Of course, this is based on you wearing proper magnification glasses.

Does Reading Glasses Damage Your Eyes| Eyekeeper

    If the strength of the glasses you wear is higher than you need, your ciliary muscles will relax. At that time, reading glasses will be harmful to your eyes, and your presbyopia gets worse and worse.

    If you have presbyopia but do not wear reading glasses or the magnification of your reading glasses is not satisfied, it will bring some unnecessary inconvenience to you.

    Thus, proper and professional reading glasses are significant to someone who gets presbyopia. A regular eye test is also necessary for everyone, which can help you protect your eyes better.

Does Reading Glasses Damage Your Eyes| Eyekeeper

    All in all, the first thing before you wear reading glasses is to have your eye examined. That will help you avoid your ciliary muscle degeneration and damage your vision. You'd better choose to wear suitable reading glasses to benefit your eye health and make your lives and work easier.

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