Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Improve Your Sleep? -

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Improve Your Sleep?

    While technology has brought convenience to people, it can also have a partly negative impact on life. For example, the rise of electronic products brings convenience and entertainment to people but also makes blue light flood around us. And our sleep rhythm structure and quality are also threatened. How can we solve it? Do blue light blocking glasses improve our sleep?

    Light is a direct factor influencing changes in circadian rhythms, which in humans closely follow the dynamics of sunrise and sunset. However, as the electronic industry is more and more developed, the natural law has already been broken. A large amount of unnatural light invades our life. Inappropriate or too strong or too much light may cause circadian rhythm disorder, which makes sleep irregular or even out of control, and then poses a threat to health.

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Improve Your Sleep?

    Why does light affect the quality of sleep? Light impacts the secretion of melatonin in the human body directly, and melatonin is a hormone that leads to sleep. The level of melatonin is directly related to our sleep quality. The higher the melatonin in the body, the more sleepy we will be. Different wavelengths of light have different effects on melatonin secretion levels, with blue light, especially short-wave blue light, delaying melatonin secretion, which is the predominant light emitted by electronic device screens.

    Therefore, blue light blocking glasses can improve sleep scientifically based. Blue light blocking glasses are necessary if you like playing with your mobile phone or watching TV before bed. Eyekeeper’s blue light blocking reading glasses can block most short-wave blue light. Among them, the light blocking lenses of the BB98 series can block more than 98% of blue light. If you already have a pair of reading glasses that you use are used to using, you can get fitover blue light blocking glasses. They can be worn directly on the outside of your reading glasses to block blue light, which is convenient and useful.

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Improve Your Sleep?

    To sum up, the blue light will delay the secretion of melatonin, resulting in the delay of pajamas, thus affecting normal sleep. The blue light blocking glasses block this part of the light very well, so that melatonin can be secreted normally, thus improving sleep. If you are a tech user and have trouble sleeping, why not try blue light blocking glasses?

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