Bifocal Reading Glasses V.S. Progressive Reading Glasses

    If you think ordinary reading glasses cannot satisfy your daily need, you may want to choose a pair of glasses that have more focus. Bifocal and progressive are two common types of reading glasses on the market. How to choose them?

What are bifocal reading glasses?

    Bifocal reading glasses are composed of two-part. Usually, the whole lens of the bifocal reading glasses is flat without magnification. They have a small patch on the lower part of the lens. Only the patch on the lower part of the lens is a magnification lens with a clear line of demarcation in appearance. When you look through this small segment, it magnifies everything that is up close, making it easier for you to read see your phone function all of those things.

    There is a distinct part on bifocal reading glasses so that you can easily focus when you need to see something near. If you need to see near and far a lot in your daily activities, using bifocals can help you avoid the hassle of taking your glasses off frequently.

Bifocal Reading Glasses V.S. Progressive Reading Glasses

What are progressive reading glasses?

    There are several focuses on the lens of progressive reading glasses, so they have different diopters for distance, medium distance, and near. The strength of the bottom of the lens is the highest, and upwards it gets smaller and smaller to 0. The magnification of the lens is gradual. In this way, you can see a continuous image at a distance, medium, and close distances without much effort.

    However, there is also a drawback to progressive glasses. Due to the different focal lengths, most new wearers do not adapt to new glasses, so they must be trained to see the correct part of the lens, and they may feel kind of motion sick.

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    In general, bifocal glasses are only for two visions, while progressive lenses offer clear vision at all distances. You can choose the one according to your needs!

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