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8 Tips for Maintenance of Glasses

    Some people always put their reading glasses everywhere, which will make the glasses damaged easily. It will make them less effective and cause damage to the eyes, so how should we take care of our reading glasses in our daily life? These are some tips for the maintenance of reading glasses. Of course, they are suitable for all glasses.

    1. Put the glasses into the glasses case when you do not need them.

    In this way, we can prevent the glasses from stiff objects and avoid the glasses' wear and tear.

Eyekeeper Glasses Case

    2. Do not put the lens side of glasses down, especially for reading glasses.

    Reading glasses are convex lense, thick in the middle, and thin on both sides, so the center part is fragile if you put the lens side down.

    3. Remove and put on glasses with both hands.

    If you remove and put on glasses with one hand, the frame is gradually twisted and deformed, and it will cause the lens to be skewed or even the two sides of the lens to be tilted differently, which displaces the center of the mirror and affects vision.

8 Tips for Maintenance of Glasses

    4. Inspect your glasses frequently.

    If you find that the frame is distorted, loose, or damaged, you should go to an optician to have it repaired and corrected by a professional in time.

    5. Clean the glasses frame regularly.

    Clean the glasses frame regularly to extend the lifetime of the glasses, especially the metal frame, because metal frames are easily corroded by sweat.

    6. Do not leave the glasses at a high temperature for a long time.

    For example, put them on a cab in summer. High temperatures (above 60℃ or 140℉) can easily lead to deformation of the lenses or cracks in the surface film. In addition, the plastic frame glasses will deform and break easily at a high temperature.

8 Tips for Maintenance of Glasses

    7. Use a neutral detergent to clean your glasses, such as dish soap.

    Both acidic and alkaline detergents can corrode lenses.

    8. Use the lens cloth to wipe your glasses instead of your clothes corner.

     The lens cloth also needs to be cleaned regularly.

8 Tips for Maintenance of Glasses

    These tips will help you make your glasses have a longer lifetime. Try it now!

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