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5 Signs You Need Reading Glasses

    Do you know when you need reading glasses? Presbyopia will appear around 40 years old for most people. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that it can't happen earlier or later for different people. So do you know the signs that you need reading glasses? There are some signs that you can make a reference.

5 Signs You Need Reading Glasses| Eyekeeper

Sign 1: Cannot see letters.

    The first sign might be kind of obvious. If you are reading or behind a computer and can't see the letters or the words clearly, it might be time to check out some reading glasses now.

Sign 2: Have a blurry view at night time.

    When there is enough light in the daylight, you can read effortlessly and see clearly, but then at night time, there is dim light all of a sudden, the words start to get a little bit blurry, and it is hard to read. That is the second sign that you need reading glasses.

Sign 3: Start squinting your eyes to see words.

    Another symptom is that you start squinting or slightly closing your eyes to see the words. People usually squint when they can't see something. So this is the third sign.

5 Signs You Need Reading Glasses| Eyekeeper

Sign 4: Have difficulty seeing in driving.

    If you have difficulty seeing when driving a car, that is another sign of needing reading glasses. It is dangerous if you feel blurry when you are driving a car.

Sign 5: Have a headache when you are reading.

    If you have to focus hard on the words in your book or on your computer and start getting a headache, it is also a sign that you need reading glasses. People who have presbyopia will feel fatigued and have headaches after a long time of reading.

5 Signs You Need Reading Glasses| Eyekeeper

    We suggest you have an eye examination if you have the above issues. And eye doctors will give you advice. It is also necessary to have regular eye examinations for everyone. If you have presbyopia, reading glasses will solve them.

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